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Iris Online Gold players summoned a demon from the other dimension.

One day, the sovereign Lord Archane stumbled upon a rune fragment from "Infinitas". Realizing that the rune could generate special powers from other dimensions, Archane used the rune to create a powerful sword and named it "The Sword of Shadows". Expecting a disruption in all dimensions and chaos that would collapse all existing laws of nature, "Pylon", the Elf lord, persuaded other non-human races to unite against Archane and his army. However, Lord Archane and "The Sword of Shadows" proved too much, leaving Pylon and his united armies in total annihilation. But consequentially, 'Sword of Shadows" created dimensional rifts in all sides of the continent, resulting in devastation and ruins all over the land of Arcana. Due to the continuing desolation, the aristocrats of the "Duran Assembly" ordered Archane to destroy the sword. However, enslaved by the unlimited power the sword possessed, Archane became filled with greed and slowly descended into madness. Eventually, lured by the powers that crept through the dimensional rifts, Archane finally fell into temptation and Iris Online Gold players summoned a demon from the other dimension, creating his army of darkness "Sahar' and was feared as the sovereign of darkness.

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