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Introducing the Square Enix Security Token

  As a result of growing account security concerns within the online gaming community, Square Enix is proud to introduce the Square Enix Security Token. The token greatly increases the security of PlayOnline accounts by FFXI GIL allowing users to sell FFXI Gil log on by using a constantly changing one-time password that is displayed on the screen.
  The Square Enix Security Token will be available for purchase through the PlayOnline Viewer in the near future for those who wish to take advantage of the added security this optional service provides. As a special incentive, each Square Enix Security Token will come with an FFXI GIL exciting in-game bonus which may just prove indispensible during your many adventures in Vana'diel! Information on the Security Token's release date and price, as well as further details regarding the in-game bonus, will be announced at a later date.

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