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In the days of WOW

Many people play flyff in their lives. The  Penya is the most important gold in the game. Everyone can not play this game without it. The more you keep the better you will do. I am the elder player in the game, and I have played this game for two years. I feel it is the most interesting game of all the games.
  I still remember the days of playing flyff. With regard to the issue hit the bugbears went through hell the Blue Beetle which includes penya. Blue Wolf hell lizards and grass hell, meow mother hell to hang on until about 19.40% solution would be able to fly missions, upgraded solution is almost finished.
  To avoid hell, the situation is a little improvement, but is still not satisfactory. There are many missions in the game. If you do not protect yourself well, you will lose  gold. Some missions are very sample, these suit the new players. But the others are very difficult to finish.
Do not forget or play squash that 25 to 26 monsters. On this day reaches level 23. I do not feel you can not play in, because according to my test results, grade level lower than the monster when the monster hit you on the injury are the original 1.25 to 1.1 times. You must  for yourself. It is very useful.
  The damage you hit a monster changes for the original 1 to 2 fold. Because I play the role of male clergy, we are rarely equipped like a monster out and gave her a hit on clothes. Square, where it was sold the best purchase cheap flyff penya with the NPC and I almost wear uniforms to wear to the student association of 20. I will never forget the days of .

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