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Important Notes

Recently we found that somebody use the similar MSN, Yahoo ID and AIM as ours to deceive visitors.(for example mixing up L and I, o and 0, 1 and L). Moreover, if you use MSN, please kindly check if the mail address is same with ours.The chat window may appear our mail address, actually not ours.Please do not make contract with him by wrongly considering him as our staff.If you are not sure whether he making deal with you is our website staff or not, please click our LIVE CHAT Our service staff will check whether the person is our staff or not.
To declear seriously, if you go to our websit at first time, please make sure to make deal with us through LIVE CHAT or adding our MSN and other method. We will not add any customer's MSN initiatively. There is only one exceptional condition that we ask for your MSN or other contact method for our long term cooperation. Ohterwize, any initiative action of adding your contact method does not belong to our website's conduct

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