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If I think a lot of feel and love Sell FFXI Gil

If I am kind-hearted, you should not think Sell FFXI Gil I am weak, because I know "kind-hearted" is good nature, we can not be evil since we are human; if I am forbearing and conciliatory, do not think I retreat, because I understand that I will be in smooth water if I can retreat; if I tolerate, do not think I am cowardly, because I know tolerance is excellence, tolerance is a good thing; if I forgive, do not think I have no principle, because I know we should be lenient wherever it is possible; if I am sincere, do not think I speak too direct, because I know we should not flatter; if I think a lot of feel and love, do not laugh at me, because I know cheating will come to no good and betrayal will not have good result; if I am honest, do not think I am stupid, because I know I will be happy if I can help other people; if I am successful, please do not congratulate me, because I know fame is a double-edged sword, how can you know the blessing and curse; if I fail, do not belittle me, because I know cause and effect, so we can master our own fortune. This is me, kind-hearted girl. I will treat everyone like my family. Do you like me?

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