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I decide that I must check my homework careful Sell Lineage2 Gold after I finish


My name is Sophia, after the summer vacation I attend grade six of Sell Lineage2 Gold the primary school. I have a round face and a pair of black eyes. I am 11 years old this year, but I also look as if childish. My hobby is reading. Last month, my classmate bought a book which I have yearned for a long time, but my father still does not agreed to my request, I have a strong self-esteem, and I never beg off anyone, but this time, I want to borrow the book from my classmate. However, he tells me that he can lend me the book, but I should take my animal books to exchange it. Finally, I have to give him the animal books. I will never check it when I finish my homework, so it has caused many errors. If I check it, sometimes I even copy the original answer. Of course, it can save my brain, from now on, I decide that I must check my homework careful after I finish, in order to ensure that my homework has no error. I have many advantages, in the same way, I also have many shortcomings, I will correct these shortcomings. I will change myself to make a new me. Now, do you understand me? Do you like me? If you like me, you can make friends with me, I will be very happy.


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