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Hunters can go ultra squishy

Hunters can go ultra squishy and get Attack Power gear, just do not get hit.
  For the Horde! If you decide to play a level 10 twink, Horde is generally the better faction to take. You will be able to complete 2 different quests that give you items which are vastly superior to alliance alternatives. Leaders of the Fang is the most important quest to complete. The quest can be done at level 10 and is obtained at   The Crossroads. The quest reward is Wingblade. It is a 15 dps weapon with 5 agility and 2 stamina. No Uncommon 1handed weapon can even come close to this at level 10. This quest also has a staff that can be very good for a Hunter, but, be careful you do not miss out on getting your pet, that is more important. The Horde also has another quest which yields a very good ring, Slayer Band. It is a reward for Wanted: Knucklerot and Luzran. The quest can be done at level 9 in the Ghostlands.
  The last two pieces of gear are a toss up on which you will find more helpful. You can only get one, as you would get too much experience from getting both and risk leveling out of level 10. Savannah Bracers are the only bracers with more than 2 stamina and can be obtained from the quest Returning the Lost Satchel. QuelThalas Recurve is the only ranged weapon with stats that the Horde can get at level 10 and is obtained through the enmist Village.
  I opted for the bow since I found a decent 2 stamina bracer in the Auction House.

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