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How to make World of Warcraft run faster?

So, if you like I just took the plunge into Vista thinking it would make everything better and faster I’m sure you are as just as disappointed. So without giving you any technical reasons as to why it’s running slower (on the same computer you were using with Windows XP just a week ago…) lets jump right into speeding things up.
  First things first, let’s ensure we have the newest video card drivers. sell Final Fantasy XI GilSo far, each time a new driver has come out for my video card, it has been the biggest single boost to WoW performance every time! So update your drivers frequently! If you can’t tell what video card is in your system, right click on your desktop and click personalize (remember, were in Vista now). Next click “Display settings” and in the drop down box you should see the make and model of your video card. Mine is an NVIDIA card so I would need to go to nvidia to retrieve the newest drivers. If your card is an ATI card, go ahead and navigate to ati.amd to grab the newest drivers.

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