How to kill others?
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How to kill others?

 Do you know the Cronous? It is an online game just like CF, but it is spy game. You should find out the Scoundrel, and kill him.
  When you enter the game, you have no cronous cro, so you should have some cronous gold. It is not true money. We can call it cronous gold. You just need to find the person and buy cronous cro. That you should to know the Cronous has many different kinds. If you have no much money you can buy cronous gold.
After you have cheap cronous cro you should buy some equipment. Such as cannon gun plane armor and many other things.
  Then you should find the person who you want to kill, you can ask others to build a term, use some trick to let him believe you, then ether his term, then you can find the boss, the final target, then know his weapon, then choose a right time, ask others to kill him, when the boss died, you can kill others one by one. But you should use your toll very carefully, because when the toll use up, you should buy more.
After the boss died you can get his equipment, it is very lucky to you. You need not to buy any others. After your task is over, you will receive some prizes, and get another task. It is a spy game, so you should be very careful when you are playing.
If you are killed by others, your game is over. Then you should play it again. So kill your target as soon as possible.

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