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How to get money in Final Fantasy XI


Fishing, while listed under the craft area of the menu in Final Fantasy XI, is not considered a true craft by some players. This is due the fact that you don't actually craft anything. You buy a fishing pole and bait, then go stand by just about any body of water in the game and you're able to fish. Fishing is a great way to sell Final Fantasy XI Gil in Final Fantasy XI. This is because it requires little gil to start up, in fact, you can get a fishing pole and some simple bait for less than 1k.

Fishing is great because every fish to pull up is profit, unless of course you happen to lose an expensive lure early in the process. By learning the basics of fishing in Final Fantasy XI a new player can easily become financially independent. While fishing does take patience, most ways to actually make consistent income in this game will need that skill.

As they can see, there are many ways you can make gil in Final Fantasy XI. You simply must be careful the method you choose is right for you. You must also keep in mind that while there are many ways a player might try to get rich quick in Final Fantasy XI (for example buying gil or jumping into BCNM fights with strangers), the consistent forms of income may in fact be better for players, particularly newer players. Farming and fishing are perhaps the most consistent forms of income a player can have this game. While consistent may sound like boring to some players, it is a great, honest way to get started and stay ahead in Final Fantasy XI.

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