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How do Real Money Traders Get So Much in FFXI?


It is without a doubt that there are many people wonder how real money trades get so much online currency for the Final Fantasy XI game. For most of the players in the game, they have never see over 1 million sell Final Fantasy XI Gil in their entire lifetime of the game. On the other hand, they see real money trades who can start a new character and generate over a million dollars in less than a few hours. How do they do this?

There are a number of simple ways they do this. Before recent updates, most of the real money trades used to set their characters on bots so that they did not have to do so much work to generate the Final Fantasy XI Gil. For the most part, they make use of the robots to make their character fish on and on. As usual they would fish up something in such large quantities that they were able to make a very large profit from selling the items to non playable characters. There have been updates that have hindered this by requiring a certain level to fish in certain areas. Then there are other areas that will be patrolled by enemies that attack low level characters.

With our detailed discussion, we hope that you are capable of getting the hang of it without any difficulties. We also welcome your feedback and will strive to make it better. Be you a player or non player in Final Fantasy XI, this information comes in handy sooner or later so you should take it into consideration.

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