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Higher Emphasis on Alliance vs. Horde

I was hoping they would just take the interrupt aspect of wow gold out of the game, but they took away 30% damage as well. I guess rogue was never intended to be one of, if not the best AOE classes in the game, and for PVE a huge portion of FOK damage comes from wound poisons, so we should still have at least mid-tier AOE damage in PVE, and the nerf really hit us hard in PVP FOK specs about wow gold.
  Personally the FOK spec only really worked in niche comps and was way better against cleave than ranged. Mage/hunter/warlock can all teleport away from you and good luck trying to catch them as a combat spec about wow gold. You also have very poor survivability outside of stuns, so a rogue/destruction warlock/healer team can drop you easily if the rogue simply mutilates CB evis from behind while you are trying to catch his warlock. In 5v5 this was even more sell World Of Warcraft Gold obvious as the highest rated 5v5 rogues on SK-100 are all mutilate specked, with a sm all portion of them playing shadow dance/shadowstep, both of these specs are taking a hit in 3.2.2 as well, with honor among thieves procs from teammates now having a one-second cooldown.

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