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Here at the FFXI account review blog

 He's paying with paypal and they've got a security option where they actually move the account onto a NEW account and then you're the only person with the information - that makes it very safe.I sat with him through the toonstorm wow account purchase and everything went well, it's been about an hour and he just logged into his new account and is happy as a piece of pie!Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, I should have another one soon!
  Here at the wow account review blog I really wanted to do something different. I wanted a website where I could put non biased reviews that would help you, the consumer, find a wow account to buy without all the headaches and the worries.What makes me qualified to do this?How will I have the resources sell FFXI Gil to buy wow accounts from different places in timely enough intervals to make reporting on them worthwhile?Well lucky for me I own my own business, an internet cafe here in Seattle, and I've got about 65 gaming computers set up, we host some of the largest LANS in the northwest and I've always always always got people looking to get into wow and buy a FFXI account.Anytime anyone comes to me I always have a pretty good schpeel on what to tell them it goes like this:

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