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Good fury rotation of WoW Warrior


In WoW, there is a key to fury dps in raids is a little more complicated than you think. Here you can get the cheapest wow gold. Open up in battle stance with charge, thunderclap, rend, intimidating shout. You should also pop the moves that offer you more rage. Then switch to bzerk stance, and you should do your normal fury rotation, and while doping this stack sunder armor.

There are some costs, almost there is no rage and will offer you that little bit more dps and will also help the whole raid grp. If on a boss or tough enemy remember to keep refreshing your rend then switch back to bzerk. This is for like level 74+ sell WOW Gold, so you are assuming your fury/arms and have deep wounds. With that and rend up constantly, and the enemies armor reduced, then you should do your bzerk rotation and you will damage them. Thanks for reading and have a good time in our website! Hope it could help you more or less.

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