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General : The List: 5 Studios That Should Do MMOs


In this week's edition of The List, Managing Editor Jon Wood counts down the five studios (past or present) that he would love to see make a modern MMO. Bioware and Blizzard have shown the hype that can come when someone moves into this business. Who should be next?

It isn’t as though this is a new idea. The most obvious and glaring example is Blizzard with World of Warcraft. Already a recognized and respected name in gaming, Blizzard was able to leverage the company’s success and their staff’s experience into a multiplayer phenomenon that put MMOs on the mainstream map. More recently, the hype created with the simple announcement in 2006 that the renowned RPG kings at Bioware were dipping their feet into the MMO waters was enough to generate and sustain a huge amount of hype for two full years before The Old Republic was officially announced.

So, with the above having made the leap, what other studios would we like to see take on the mantle of the MMO maker?

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