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General : How Video Games Will Help the Economy


I totally believe it to be true and my point is that even though things may be tough all over, consumers like us are the driving force of our economy. Eventually, we will buy and play our way to a better economy, even though the job market is our weakest link, increased consumer spending creates jobs that will put America back on it’s financial feet again.

Am I an economist, please no. I am a stockbroker that has worked on Wall for long enough to know when the handwriting is on the wall. I saw it in 2007 when many of my customers were selling entire portfolios to buy overpriced real estate. Noone listened then and most likely no one is going to listen now. So I love my games, it is my jump off from a long day of being the “SERIOUS ADULT”, I get to go online and have some laughs while connecting with my younger nephew. It’s what makes life, alive.

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