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General : CES Hardware Roundup


Gaming Hardware at the Consumer Electronic Show 2009 in Las Vegas was a bit of a mix between a “new and improved” with little innovation and marked absence. The Media Showcases held by Pepcom and Showstoppers were a little sparse in the Gaming arena, with only a few companies at each event showing their gaming goodies. The majority of hardware was targeted at the console market. Microsoft only showcased their Xbox games and the Gamezone at CES was sponsored by MumboJumbo, a casual game publisher. With that, onto the noteworthy:


         I enjoy attending the Media Showcases. The vendors know they are talking to the press and are happy to provide the esoteric information we sometimes seek. Such as: No, I’m not interested in your six-pack of USB drives or OEM ready PC components, talk to me about the latency of your high-performance SDRAM modules for gamers please.

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