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Gamespot Names Guild Wars 2 PC Game of the Year

GW2 came out just a few short months ago and took the MMO crowd by storm. Unlike the countless other MMORPGs that have been released recently, Guild Wars 2 didn’t fall flat on its face. Instead, it revolutionized the MMO with unique combat, great story content and addictive gameplay. The game is absolutely gorgeous, too, when played on the highest graphic settings. It has a unique, subtle art style that immerses you in the game.
It also helps that Sell Guild War 2 EU Gold started off right by using the free to play model straight out of the box. Sure, you have to drop about $60 to get the game, but without a $15 monthly subscription fee it is definitely worth it. While many PC players label Guild Wars 2 nothing more than a World of Warcraft clone, many more will tell you that even after 300+ hours of gameplay, they still can’t get enough.
GW2 is developed and maintained by ArenaNet. This game developer knows how to strike the right chords with their fans, too. Even though this MMO has no subscription there is new, fantastic content added each and every month. And let’s not forget the incredible events Anet hosts on the game. The Halloween special, Shadow of the Mad King, was phenomenal and left players begging for more content like it. This month GW2 celebrates the holidays in style with the Wintersday content update which adds even more season-themed fun to the game.
So, is Guild Wars 2 deserving of the GOTY award? We believe so. And as the game continues to add more content, host new world events and age it will be even more interesting to see where this MMO goes in the coming years. So many MMORPGs have completely failed to live up to gamer expectations in the past year, but GW2 is on the right track. We look forward to seeing what this game will become in the near and distant future.

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