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Galka: Looking Character


As we have seen in the trailer, all the races from Final Fantasy XI Gil appear to be present and accounted for. Tanaka comments that this was done in order to add an air of familiarity to the game, so the Final Fantasy XI community would be comfortable transferring over and trying it out.  However, while they look similar on the surface, they will be given somewhat of a makeover, which Tanaka says will include new names for the races.

The developers attribute the long-lasting success of sell Final Fantasy XI Gil to the Job System, and plan to learn from it and greatly expand off the concept. They want to end up with something completely different, one that maintains this lasting appeal for the player. Instead of leveling up with experience points, weapons will play a key role in how a character grows and develops.  When the interviewer asks if series mainstays like Warrior or Paladin will appear, the developers simply hint that nothing will be exactly the same as we know it. No more grinding XP for levels - they have something new in store.

The new MMO will focus on the variety and accessibility of methods to grow ones character. This includes an emphasis on attracting people who are not as familiar with online games with a smooth progression of content. Core fans can also count on there being plenty of story-driven content and cut scenes to enjoy. Everyone will be able to freely choose how and when they want to play, regardless of style or schedule.

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