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Gain Reputation With Oracle Faction World

  Gain Reputation With Oracle Faction World of Warcraft
  To know the ways of this topic, first let's know what is Oracle faction and reputation.
  The Oracles are a race of reptilian creatures often referred to the "next evolution of murlocs". They see themselves as guardians of the titan technology that remains in their home zone of Sholazar Basin even though they may not even understand it. They find themselves in an increasing  sell WOW Gold territorial war with the wolvar and their faction, the Frenzyheart Tribe.
  Reputation in World of Warcraft is a point system players can use to gain access to advanced gear. The game has many different factions, groups that inhabit Azeroth. Players can perform quests and other actions for these factions and gain reputation. This reputation comes in the form of points. When a player has enough of these points they move up in reputation level, from neutral, to friendly, honored, revered, and finally exalted. Players can also gain a negative reputation with some factions: unfriendly or hated. These factions will then attack the player on sight.

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