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For the February 3 game fixes

In addition to Saronite Bombs being disabled, there are a number of other hotfixes being rolled out on live realms this evening. You can find them in Bornakk's forum thread or continue reading them below.
  Blood Queen Lana'thel will now begin her flight phase a little earlier in 25 player mode, Vampiric Bite is no longer mitigated by armor, sell World Of Warcraft Gold and the damage of Vampiric Bite has been reduced. Toravon will now be affected appropriately by Area-of-Effect damage spells. The Frost Orb corpses in the Toravon encounter will now despawn faster. Players who are dead will now get credit as intended when defeating the Valithira Dreamwalker encounter. Players can no longer zone in while the Valithria Dreamwalker encounter is active. Anti Magic Shell no longer resets the Mystic Buffet stacks in the Sindragosa encounter. The Val'kyr in the Lich King encounter are no longer affected by Death Grip and will head to ledges faster.

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