Flyff Penya players are not to be missed!
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Flyff Penya players are not to be missed!

Remember the magic unicorn kingdom it? Flying this week, but the prince and princess wedding ceremony Xianlin Oh! To thank them small Saviola, intended to celebrate the Aura satellite doubled, for us to pull the wind held in one of the most fun Feifei Day! Why do most pull the wind? Thanks to the magic unicorn, they can be launched into the small Aura coming! To participate in festival activities as long as Feifei, so once you fly Bon appetit! Haha, small Aura HOLD live!Princess of God Qixian Lin Xianlin fruit, they can see only a small Aura colors, quickly called on to your partner together a magical fortune-telling, look at your fruit color are the same, 100% winning it! More fruit and color, the more generous reward! Super-cool than the initial sub, out of print black small ask, rare animals small raccoon raccoon dog, Flyff Penya players are not to be missed!


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