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Finding the right casual guild

  Finding the right casual guild can be difficult and time consuming, unfortunately. If you are looking for your first guild, check out WoW Rookie's guide. If you've already been guilded, you have the advantage of knowing what worked for you, what didn't and who you never want to be around again. sell Final Fantasy XI Gil There are a lot of guilds out there that are just what you need, if you know how to look and are willing to take some risks. First of all, you need to ask yourself a few questions:
  What are your playtime goals? Do you have enough time in each session to do some casual raiding? Are instances the most you have time for? Or are you really only looking for people to chat with while you do your own thing? There are so many different kinds of casual players and so many different types of guilds, it really helps to identify what you want from your own playtime as well as what you want from your new guild.

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