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Final Fantasy XI New Year Events

The new year isn't one of the major holidays celebrated by MMOs -- the favorites are the recent winter holiday season and Halloween events, with the possible Valentine's Day or middle-of-summer event. But there's still a time and place for ringing in the new year, and if there's one thing that Final Fantasy XI loves, it's holiday events. (Or killing players in Dynamis. It's a fine line.) sell FFXI Gil This year's event focuses on the spirit of the tiger, with two celebration NPCs roaming the world surrounded by the auspicious spirits of tigers.
  While the official posting only tells the story explaining the event, FFXIclopedia has a preliminary guide explaining the event. Chasing the NPCs and trading enough items to them allows you to receive furnishings for you house, or a vanity weapon that can then be used to pick up a unique painting. The event seems to be taking place at random spots all across Vana'diel, with a list of confirmed spots on the guide to help players obtain their new toys. While the game's spiritual sequel is due out this year, it's still a good time for Final Fantasy XI players to celebrate another year in their game of choice.

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