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Fairy-tale game

This game is very lovely, when you play this game, you will fell very relaxed. Screen does not stimulate, the people in this game, is very lovely.
In this game, it has transfer system, there is the most ram system "artillery" waiting for players to experience. When players in R & D team designed a map to shuttle between the vast, can also enjoy the delicate beauty of the lakes and mountains and pleasant. You can use heva gold to make a picture.
And in this game players can develop a variety of cute monster copy of "cloning system". If you want to create lovely, capable of cloning pets, players must be collected to the monster's "genetic" and "Life note instrument", the use heva online gold, use NAP to give life through cloning processes. It will be able to replicate with special skills and unique ability.
Furthermore, people can bring a lot of pets to play, besides, how to select the best clone has become one of the funs in this game. Some people use cheap heva gold to buy something to increase the abilities of his pet. And you do not worried about the money, you can buy heva gold from the bank, it is very cheap.
To increase the communication, you can get married in this game, you should find a people you like, then use heva money to buy some things you need, then you can get married, and your pet can married too. So I like this game, it can make me happy, and the people are very lovely, it is very easy, everybody can play, so hope you will like it. And more people you have, happier you will be.

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