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FFXI Gil the world leading provider


FFXI Gil the world's leading provider of leveling, gold, items services for Final Fantasy XI.

The birth of the massively multiplayer genre of games has revolutionized electronic entertainment. By using the world's largest network, the internet, massively multiplayer games have brought forth the opportunity for people to work together & socialize with millions of others around the globe.

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When you buy gil from MOGS your payment details will be verified to protect both ourselves and you against fraud. This may include a phone verification call for gil orders. Once your order has been verified it will be placed into the delivery queue and be delivered as soon as possible. In an effort to provide you with the most accurate delivery times possible, the delivery times listed above are estimated using data from all servers. Please note that orders on some servers may take up to 48 hours to fill regardless of the estimated time listed above.


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