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FFXI Gil Guide Review


I have been playing Final Fantasy for a real long time and I always short on Gils. So I joined this site to check out some sell Final Fantasy XI Gil. It blew me away after I read the first guide. I just couldn’t believe how easy it was to make so much Gil by following the guides. If you play Final Fantasy you know how hard it is to obtain Gils. This site offers not just one but several Gil guides to help you make as much as you want.

As of now I bought all the top level gear from the auction house and not worrying if I have enough. I just need to follow the tips in the guides and make the Gils back again in no time. The best part about joining this site is that it gave me access to other guides too. So it is like paying for one guide but you getting several guides in return. Also, a big plus is that they update everything when there is a new guide out or any tips around. Now to think about it I would have been spending way more money buying one Final Fantasy XI Walkthrough at a time. I really think, for anybody that wants to make a lot of Final Fantasy Gils they should consider joining this site and reading up on the Final Fantasy XI Gil guide.

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