FFXI Cataclysm: exclusive interview, part two
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FFXI Cataclysm: exclusive interview, part two

In yesterday's instalment, the trio discussed the influences behind FFXI and how the design process has changed to cope with the emergent activities of the players. Today, we cover the evolution of the game and the future of the MMORPG genre.
  I've heard balancing an MMOG being compared to the beat of a butterfly's wings in chaos theory – you tweak one tiny stat sell FFXI Gil somewhere and suddenly there are ramifications across the game
Greg Street: Yes, it really does feel like an ecosystem sometimes. A slight perturbation in one slot can have unintended consequences. And then things evolve over time and you have players trying out things you never would have thought of, or thought they could do, and suddenly they make it work. It's fun, you learn a lot and it surprises sometimes. WoW is very hard to control, it's often running off on its own. We try to influence it, but I don't pretend for a moment that we have it captured!

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