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FFXI Cataclysm:exclusive interview, part one

Designing an MMORPG is a unique creative challenge. The initial game universe can take up to five years to build and often requires the formation of a complex mythology to provide and maintain its narrative thrust through future add-ons and expansion packs. In this sense, sell FFXI Gil it's more like working on a TV series than a game – the design team just keeps writing new content, expanding the story, while hopefully attracting newcomers – and it can go on for years.
  So how does a development studio remain fresh, engaged and creative on such a lengthy and precarious production line? And where do they get their ideas? To find out, I spoke to three WoW veterans: lead designer Tom Chilton, lead content designer Cory Stockton and lead systems designer Greg Street. Here, they talk about the influences behind FFXI, and some of the concepts they're taking onboard for the future of the game...


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