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In the Final Fantasy XI, Black Mage is a class that is very versatile and dangerous. sell Final Fantasy XI Gil is important in the game too. Most believe that it will be easy to play a Black Mage, yet it is not so; For to play a successful Black Mage one must have wits and one must play not as a self, but as a team.

In general, fighting Black Mage is very tricky. You should sit in the back and cast your second or third highest elemental spell, then use your highest or second highest Elemental spell. But most of the time, it is better for you to wait for the fighters to attack and possibly taunt and continue to cast your good elemental spells. The more Elementals you cast, the better you do. If you are ever attacked just sit there, casting will only draw more hate.

You should cast the Elemental on the base of MP efficiency and Weaknesses of certain elements by the enemy. For example if a Stone costs 8 mp and does 20 damage to an enemy, yet a Water costing a bit more MP does as much to some enemies, thusly Stone is better for those enemies.

As a Black Mage, one should consider their role in a party when making any transaction. As a Black Mage you should spend very little on armor, and even less on a weapon.

Armor in excess, no need to get new armor whenever you can afford better, only buy new armor every once in a while.

New weapons in excess, same as armor, you should buy your weapon based on what bonuses to stats they give rather than damage.


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