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Entropia Universe : The Reinvention of Planet Calypso


Roughly six years have passed since the Gold launch of Entropia. During this time MindArk has been busy with adding a lot of different content and systems into the virtual universe. The goal was to have a great spread of activities and content, to see the range of what the Entropia platform could manage, and how it all works with the underlying real cash economy that drives Entropia.

With the release of VU 10.0 the next phase in the life of Entropia will commence. The difference between the Entropia platform as a middleware development tool, the vision of the Entropia Universe as a single space where a multitude of different planets of a wide variety of content exists, and the individual planets will be realized in a much more concrete way. MindArk has already several planet partners signed up and several more in the pipeline. The system that the Entropia participants used to interact with – the planet Calypso – is being developed by a separate company, First Planet Company AB, which only focuses on creating an amazing colonist MMORPG. This entity is called “Planet Calypso”.

The reinvention follows suit with other recent reinventions of older concepts or icons in the media. The James Bond franchise was kick-started again with “Casino Royale”. The movie “Batman Begins” gave the caped crusader a new life after a series of less-than-stellar movies. When Planet Calypso comes alive in VU10.0 you can expect some additional changes, besides the huge graphical update, concerning how Calypso looks and feel. The continents of Eudoria and Amethera will resemble the old and known, but yet will be different. The veterans of before will need to explore the lands again to not lose knowledge to the young and hungry ones. Many of these changes are in line with FPC’s long-term commitment to keep and develop a storyline that follows suit with the development. There is a general idea spanning at least eight-ten years gestating right now.

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