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Enjoy Your Own Final Fantasy FFXI Gil


FFXI Gil is the first online game of the award-winning FINAL FANTASY series. The fate of your character is up to you, with limitless possibilities and adventures. Set out on your own to discover the countless secrets of Vana'diel, or form a party with your friends to purge the evil forces and bring home the spoils! OGEWORLD is here to help you explore without worries!

FFXI Gil is the currency used in Final Fantasy XI world. It is the backbone of the economy of Vana'diel, providing dfo gold a common currency for people to trade, sell, and buy goods with. While the best place to sell and buy items is the Auction Houses, OGEWORLD is the best place to sell FFXI Gil so that you can to purchase rare weapons and items in the Final Fantasy XI world. With our help, there is nothing stopping you from becoming one of the best players!


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