Echoes of Doom: Zombie Infestation Survival Guide
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Echoes of Doom: Zombie Infestation Survival Guide


A strange letter was found in Eric Farrington's decaying diary. This foreboding omen was found in the dead and tainted city of Andorhal. Here is an excerpt from what we believe to be Eric's final words:

Help me, I've been bitten!

I can already feel the disease taking me. May the light bless me as I go to be with my family and friends once again. I'm not sure how much longer I can keep my sanity. I am weak. I hunger, and must eat...



Adventurers of Azeroth, if you want to survive the deadly return of the Scourge, we encourage you to read the safety precautions provided by your local Argent Dawn agent. The Scourge must not be allowed to advance again!

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