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EVE Online : Interview in a Box


         MMORPG.com: What led to the decision to re-release a retail version of EVE Online after so long?

         Ryan Dancey: Our market is maturing. The early adopters who form the backbone of EVE's success have succeeded in creating a true virtual world, and experience that we think a larger audience will find attractive. We can now leverage traditional brick & mortar retail as an additional way to reach new customers who might not otherwise be exposed to EVE through our on-line marketing. In general, a retail edition has lots of upside, very little downside, and we just felt it was time to invest the resources necessary to return to the retail channel.

         MMORPG.com: We know you're teaming with Atari for the project, can you tell us what role that company will play? What do they bring to the table?

         Ryan Dancey: We're grateful to be working with the team at Atari. They are bringing their contacts with retail buyers, and their knowledge of how the logistics system works to move a unit of EVE from a manufacturing facility to a local retailer's shelf. That's a core competency that we just don't have at CCP. They are also able to give us advice on how to maximize the impact of the packaging - to do the "little things" that are needed to get people to pick up that box and make a connection with EVE Online. They have helped us to shape the offer itself - what exactly will be delivered in the box, in addition to the basic installer itself.

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