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EVE Online : Canon Clean-up


There is much more than meets the eye in EVE. Since 2003, we've been using storytelling to add depth to our beautiful game universe. By harnessing the power of immersion, we bring to life that which the game is unable to portray just yet.

Building upon the vision of the game's original founders, the Storyline Team now has the tools to do more "showing" rather than telling by working closely with other departments to integrate different storytelling components with the content of the playable game. Our goal is to combine every tool-chronicles, short stories, novels, videos, mission content, and epic storyline arcs-in such a way that the full scope of any one major story thread is covered in part by each of these mediums. Being exposed to any of them should be fulfilling, but to get the full enrichment of "finding out where the story goes next", you'll be encouraged to explore more parts. For example, some information that you read about in a chronicle just might prove handy during a mission encounter. Clues about the history and technology of Sleepers might be unveiled in an epic arc.

Although full integration is some time away, we're producing more storyline content than at any point in our history. But unfortunately, we haven't been perfect in the execution of this effort. A balance had to be maintained between keeping the storyline fresh and dynamic while also holding fast to the core attributes of foundation material. That led to mistakes, contradictions, and general inconsistencies in the canon. We took that personally, and decided to do something about it.


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