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EVE Online : All About Singularity


I'm glad you asked; Singularity is the main test server for EVE Online. All of the EVE servers have codenames: Tranquillity is the main server, and Multiplicity is the secondary test server, but just forget about those two; this article is all about Singularity.

         The main purpose of Singularity is, of course, the testing of new content and patches by the players and bug hunters; essentially an open beta for what's coming up in EVE. Updates are released weeks, and sometimes even months ahead of their official launch date as CCP tries to iron out any bugs or issues that arise. That's the general idea, but it's also a hell of a lot of fun too. Hundreds of players descended onto the server to take part in the testing of the Factional Warfare feature last year and it was glorious as we all threw free ships into the chaotic melees that broke out across Black Rise.

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