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EQ2 gold can be purchased online from many different websites.

EverQuest is a mmorpg set within a simple universe. The universe in EverQuest is small but has thousands of quests. Each of these quests requires players to kill monsters or gather an important item. Everquest has dozens of races for players to choose from. A player's race is what determines their alignment. Some races are capable of switching alignments while others will be stuck to the faction from the start. Everquest has several expansions that were released over the years. Each expansion has added new races and quests allowing players to progress further into the universe of EverQuest. EQ2 plat is the main form of currency within the EverQuest universe. This currency is needed to allow players to purchase items and weapons from a variety of different dealers located throughout the EverQuest universe.EQ2 gold can be purchased online from many different websites.

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