Dungeons & Dragons Online : Producer's Letter and Mod 9 Preview
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Dungeons & Dragons Online : Producer's Letter and Mod 9 Preview


         I wanted to talk a little bit today about some of the features coming out with Module 9. We’ve put a ton of work into Module 9, and as you know, there are features that we can’t talk about yet (but I think we’re closing to announcing soon…) so, in addition to the sneak peeks on the Official Discussions forum, here for your reading pleasure are 5 changes / improvements that are coming in Module 9 (drum roll please):

         To start off, we’ve made two changes that have been often requested by our players. The first is the shared bank tab. All subscribers will be able to open their bank, click on the new tab, and place items from your inventory that are bound to account inside this bank tab (bound to character items, mostly raid items, will not be transferable to this tab). Then any other characters on the account can login and pull any of those items into their inventory (note: each bank tab is shard specific – only characters on Argonnessen can reach the Argonnessen shared bank).

         The second popular request was to combine the chat channels. In Mod9, all instances of a public area, like the Market, will be routed to the same general tab, and we’ve added an advice and trade channel to each of the public areas as well. You’ll even still be in the public general channel if you enter a dungeon in that area, like the Quickfoot Hideout in the Market. You can customize this in the Options Menu if you don’t want to still hear public chat in the private instance, but the option will now be open to you (and will default to include you in the larger community). This change should help players find groups, get advice and sell things during non-peak hours and just improve overall the general access to other people in the area.

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