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Dragon's Prophet : Wintertide Arrives

The World of Warcraft blog has been updated with a new article that gives players a preview of The Proving Grounds, a new scenario that will allow players to test their mettle against ever-increasingly difficult monsters in a battle royale in the Temple of the White Tiger in Pandaria.
Proving Grounds will be available in four different modes: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Endless. Each mode allows you the opportunity to test your mettle and learn a bit more about your role by putting you in the thick of a grouping experience. You’ll have to beat each one (beginning with Bronze) to take on the next mode. Once you’ve beaten Gold, you’ll unlock Endless and be truly prepared to astound and amaze your friends with your prowess.
Sony Online Entertainment has announced the release of the Wintertide content expansion for Dragon's Prophet. The new content takes players to an icy zone that includes a level cap increase, new dungeons, public quests and more.
Along with the Wintertide zone, Dragon's Prophet's latest Open Beta update will feature:
Adventure & Crafting level cap increased to 70
4 new dungeons, including a new legendary dungeon
12 new public quests
Dragon Chamber to store up to 96 additional dragons
Secret Apartment to upgrade apartments into a portal to a secret floating island
Modified housing pricing
Class balance & skill changes
UI refinements
Tons of bug fixes

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