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Do You Like Play WoW or FFXI?


Which game do you like? sell Final Fantasy XI Gil I think both of them are interesting, yes so many player cant choose which one he should play. Like one of my friends, he is a long time FFXI player that is thinking of switching over to WoW. He played WoW for a little bit about a year ago \ but, eventually switched back to FFXI. He now have a few friends that play WoW in RL and they want him to come on over to WoW to play with them, so which one do you think he should play?

Story in FFXI and WoW are completely different things... Both games have the lore, but an actual story with cutscenes is left out of WoW. It is FFXI main selling point, it is not called the most story based MMO for no reason. Everything you do aside from grinding has some kind of story to it, even the quests that do not offer as much reward in sense of items and loot but 99% of the time you get some kind of cut scene to go with the quest, lately they've been getting better and better in quality too. Unfortunately sometimes the development team focuses story rather than the game play, but it is really fascinating for an MMO.

As for differences, time is one of them. No more hours of looking for party while sitting in a city. In WoW you can look for an instance or go level through quests.


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