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Darkfall : Tasos on Crashes, Cheating, and More


The latest update form Tasos Flambouras on the Darkfall forums warns players with improper names to create new characters within 48 hours or have their account banned, explains performance issues during massive battles, offers no short term help for players who lost items during crashes but says they're working on a more permanent solution, and offers another stern warning to cheaters, saying it's not a matter of if you'll get caught, it's a matter of when.

Yesterday there were player disconnects from server errors. We discovered that it was an issue with a router at Telia France which impacted several ISPs including Virgin Media. This caused players in the UK, France and other areas to get disconnected from the server. As far as we know this issue has been fixed.

In 48 hours characters with names made in an effort to confuse GMs and other players, for example adding a string of lower cap L’s and upper case I’s (IlIlIIIl) in their names will start getting their host accounts permanently banned. If you have a character like that, delete him and make a new one with a proper name.

Which brings us to cheating: We hear complaints from some players and some clans that continue seeing cheating everywhere when in fact this isn’t the case. We should know since we log everything. The exploiters we ban always deny they were using 3d party programs; they complain and ask for proof. There are also people who continue using 3d party programs to exploit, thinking that if they’re careful and not observed by GMs that they’ll go undetected. What all these people have in common is that they don’t understand that we log everything. Characters are flagged server-side and investigated in-game. Reports of cheating players are verified server-side. We have a combination of automatic and manual investigation. We use them both to be thorough, but we don’t rely on one or the other. We know someone’s cheating beyond a shadow of a doubt, and if you’ve even done so once, you’re not safe. There’s no such thing as “clever use” when you own all the server logs. We’ll eventually get to you and ban you. If you’re currently using 3d party programs to exploit with, we suggest you uninstall these programs immediately and hope for the best.

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