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Could it be DAoC 2

Would it shock you if I told you that Dark Age of Camelot is one of my favorite games?  No, of course it wouldn’t. My moniker is ‘Keen’ after all.   You should also know that I am always pining for the return of true realm pride, meaningful conflict between factions of players resulting in control of territory, and a world capable of immersing players in more than just flashy light and themepark rides.
I follow Mark Jacobs’ company, City State Entertainment.  I believe in the ideas he tries to run with, and I believe in supporting those who are dedicated to at least trying to progress the MMORPG hobby forward. This is exactly the same thing I was saying earlier this week when I mentioned supporting Smedley’s ideas for EQ3, despite some of SOE’s crazier tendencies.
That teaser has successfully teased me right into a whirlwind of speculation.  Do each of those dragons represent a faction? The words in the teaser allude to the the spirit of DAoC’s gameplay.  Could it be a spiritual successor?  Will it at least embody the same elements that caused DAoC to make such a lasting impression on so many players?
I’m thinking high fantasy, and hopefully some sort of MMORPG.  I’m hoping that Mark and his team have what it takes to give us something new, something fresh, and something free of the same pitfalls we all end up griping about year after year.
You can bet I’ll be following this one closely.

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