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Civilians warlock DPS in ruhr battle in 850 strategy

  Until now, destroying from last week not destroyed several times in the last hour, the most unusual time is only 1%, the BOSS was in more than 10,000 HP. Zhang was sent out, the figure 1, can see the sell wow gold problem is severe disequilibrium sell WOW Gold DPS. Yesterday finally solved the problem of unbalanced DPS, smooth on the 14th floor growth FD
  When the team is 1%, had destroyed, without any RAID a KLZ popularity ring.
  The talent, 41 FD 0/20, equipment /, besides basic civilians KLZ little strange necklace, prince, are all small cloak and engineering, product copy without tailor.
  850DPS process, have no dark, SM. Because the DPS, blood lead more directly as a reward laryngeal lost bag.

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