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Buying FFXI Gil Guide

If you want to level up fast in FFXI, you should make more FFXI. There are several ways to earn more gold, such as grinding, doing the quests, starting a private store and selling fame.  However, these methods are not the most effective way to earn FFXI Gil. The easiest way to make gold is to buy FFXI Gil from online sites. You can use the Gil  to purchase weapons and other items; also you can use this way to level up your character. However, you need to do a lot of research to choose the good websites to buy Gil. Then I will give you some suggestions as follows:
  Firstly, you should see whether the site sell FFXI Gil has a refund policy. For lots of sites do not have any guaranteed policy and this makes it seem unsafe to deal with this kind of sites. A site with a refund  policy is safer for you to do business with them.
  Secondly, the price is another factor you should consider. The prices of gold in different websites are very different. Some are quite cheap while some are twice dear than that in other sites. So we should do some research and buy a cheaper site, which can save us a lot of money. However, price can not determine everything. There are many rip-off websites using the lowest price to attract the  buyers.

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