Blizzard Wins $6M in Glider Case
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Blizzard Wins $6M in Glider Case


Blizzard is reported to have won $6 million in their lawsuit against MDY Industries, the makers the WoWGlider which was recently ruled to violate World of Warcraft's end user license agreement.

World of Warcraft creator Blizzard looks set to get $6m (?.36m) from the makers of a software 'bot'.

The cash is part of a deal brokered by Blizzard and MDY Industries - the maker of the WoWGlider software 'bot.

Blizzard embarked on the case against MDY claiming that the World of Warcraft Glider software produced by the company infringed its copyright.

The Glider software lets Warcraft players automate many of the repetitive steps the game involves.

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