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Basic tips for get more ffxi gil


How to get more ffxi gil and sell Final Fantasy XI Gil? In the Fianl Fantasy Xi game, there is an issue of concern is that the ffxi gil is a part and parcel in the gameplay. There are some basic tips for you to refer. Please pay close attention to the following information which is useful and helpful for you in the play-time.

First and foremost, you must get to know your limitions. There are certain limits placed on every possible way to make money. If you farm, you are limited by your inventory space and the rarity of the drops you are farming for. If you craft, you are limited by the availability of the materials you need (and often this changes every week with the Conquest tally, so you can never count on ingredient availability). If you NM-camp, other players will limit the number of times you can claim the spawn. If you fish, demand for your fish and the number of competing fishermen will be your limits. If you mine, it is going to be ore availability and demand. No matter WHAT you do, there is no such thing as a free ride.

Secondly: check the price information here and there! If you have an item to sell, you need to know how much it sells for in every location you can sell it. You need to know how much it sells to NPCs for in the town you have the most fame. You need to know how much the relevant guild (if there is one) will buy it for. You should even have an idea how much it goes for in bazaars in town. This way, you know where you should be selling your item to get the most profit. I can not tell you how many items I have found on auction that sold for less on auction than they do to an NPC shop right next door.

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