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Atlantica Online : On the Upcoming Patch


To keep any game fresh and exciting, we have to constantly produce quality experiences for the player to remain interested. Otherwise, it will quickly grow old and stale, and we’ll lose our competitive edge to the other hundreds of quality games in the market. We don’t like to wait around for massive quarterly content updates so we try to squeeze in every little bit of excitement—or mini content updates—into every little patch we can. Ironically, this next patch is insipidly named Patch 3.1.

Aside from usual tinkering and bug fixes you normally find in patches, players can really look forward to a couple major additions to Atlantica in this upcoming patch. The first is a brand new, level 120 scenario dungeon called the Mysterious Inn. You’ll immediately be able to tell that inspiration for this dungeon was heavily drawn from the old Kung Fu movies. NPCs will be seen running up buildings, jumping from rooftop to rooftop, all to immerse the player into this Kung Fu world of ancient China. And when you encounter enemies in battle, they’ll pull off fancy acrobatic moves in strategic turn-based fashion.

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