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Atlantica Online : Discussing the Backstory


After delving into the turn-based combat system and the mercenaries of Atlantica Online in my previous developer's journals, I'd like to share with all of you the backstory of the game, and how we came to create our version of the Atlantis legend.

         In Atlantica's take on Atlantis, the highly advanced civilization was the first to invent Oriharukon, an energy source produced by integrating four different crystals --Dragon, Phoenix, Giant, and Redemption crystals. With the Oriharukon, the people of Atlantis were able to evolve differently than other human civilizations at that time. Initially, Oriharukon was used just to amplify the magic abilities Atlantians had come to possess. But extensive research into the effects of Oriharikon unlocked new powers -- the ability to enhance the physical and mental skills of a person. It not only increased the strength of a human, but also increased a person's life expectancy, as Oriharukon slowed the aging process.

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