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Armory census data revealed in WoW


Here is some information on Armory census data gotten from other websites, and you may buy the cheapest wow gold if you would like to. Okoloth, a World of Warcraft devotee and obvious XML parsing guru, has published his latest statistics on the U.S. and EU WoW community showing a breakdown of all classes and levels.

4.5 million Characters in WoW were polled in this survey. The data is taken directly from the WoW Armory's XML feed, which shows all characters in U.S. and EU realms. A number of stats from Okoloth's examination stick out. First, 39.4% (1.7 million) of all characters have reached level 70 sell World Of Warcraft Gold! The game's definitely showing its age with this stat. Warriors are the most popular class (13.5%), just taking the place of Hunters (13.14%). Shamans (7.88%) are the least popular.

Additionally, the population and faction breakdowns let potential players see which servers are most profitable or advantageous for PVP. Higher population realms have more economic activity, allowing items to sell for more than on low population realms. Alliance players on Coilfang, however, will need to watch their backs, as the Horde greatly outnumbers (80.1%) their population (19.9%). The stats are not accurate up to the minute, but offer a good overall picture of the realms as of Nov. 1. That is all, have a wonderful time in our website!


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