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Apocrypha is Important for Rookie

  The biggest change you will probably notice is character creation. For the past few years, the process of creating your character has been a multi-step process with a lot of choices. You needed to choose a race, sex, bloodline, ancestry, career, specialization, school, and allocate free attribute points. You also had to select a name, read about the 30 skills and the 800K skill points sell World Of Warcraft Gold you received from this experience.
  In Apocrypha, EVE has simplified the UI, moving all choices into one screen. These changes will be on SISI pretty soon. So you can go and have a try.
The School, Career and Specialization have been completely removed. These added quite a bit of complexity. Players were required to select these without knowing what to expect. Many times, people would choose blindly, leading them to feel let down or disappointed later on.

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